File Specs

illustrator indesign photoshop

Supplying Files for Digital Printing

Email – (no larger than 10Mb please)

Dropbox – go to : and sign up for a free account and follow the directions. Our email is:

WeTransfer – go to:  & our email is:

FTP – we have FTP facilities, see below information.

File Size

Posters and small banners – (6sq mts and below)
Any tiff images should be about 100ppi @ finished size.
Files should be setup at proportional to the final size @ 1/2 or 1/3 size. Large banners and billboard skins (6sq mts and higher)
To be 600 ppi at 1:10 scale. Example: a 600 x 300mm tiff file in CMYK at 600 ppi will be 383.2 Mb. Reduce ppi to 400 if banner is larger than 6x3m.


Please supply print ready pdf’s at the correct finish size; bleed requirements are different for each stock. Please contact if unsure how to supply artwork. As a general rule 5mm bleed all round should meet most print requirements.

If supplying Indesign files please supply a folder containing all files and fonts linked in your artwork.

We do not print from Microsoft Word, Publisher or Powerpoint. Please convert these file types to PDF at correct size before supplying or contact pre-press for advice.

Accessing Our FTP Server

1. Obtain a username and password from prepress department.

Call: prepress on 07 3821 7244 or email:

From a mac using OSX

you will need an FTP client. We use cyberduck, a free app which can be obtained from
Type the username and password when prompted and upload your file.

From Windows or OSX using Firefox

Probably the best solution is to use the free browser, Firefox with the FireFTP extension.
get Firefox from:

and the FireFTP extension:

Launch Firefox select tools/FireFTP and add an account to begin upload.
Please zip or stuff your files before uploading.

Supplying Files Without FTP

If you are having troubles with uploading files via FTP, just use a website called…

It is an easy to use website, which you just send an email via the web and attached your high res pdf or ZIP file. You can send up to 50mb for free.