Lenticular at its best can be spectacular. It is one of the few systems that allow unaided viewing of 3D and motion imagery.

Clegg Media specialises in heavy guage lenticular (ranging from 20 to 40 lines per inch), which is perfect for posters for bus shelter, back-lit sign, vending machine panels and, exhibition displays.

Our state-of-the-art UV true flatbed can now provide a full lenticular printing service direct to the lens with unprecedented image quality and accuracy. A state-of-the-art machine coupled with the most advanced lenticular creation software available today means that our clients can achieve unsurpassed lenticular effects in a minimal amount of time.

There are two options for your lenticular work. Using a Lenticular Lens to create the effect or using a Lens free barrier.

Dual image

The image above shows how images are combined to create one image. This is then covered with a Lenticular lens or a Lens free barrier.

Viewing image under lenticular lense.

The image above shows how a lenticular lens works. Each of our eyes are seeing the image at a slighthly different angle. The ridges in the lenticular lens cause one eye to see Image One and the other eye to see Image Two, creating the effect.

Lense free barrier.

The Lens Free Barrier works the same way as a lenticular lens but uses a barrier to create the effect. Thisoption works well with bus shelters and backlit displays as it needs to be lit from the back constantly.

Lenticular Image Styles


This is when one images flips or “morphs” into another image. This type of lenticular works best if the image has a similar background or shape.

The example left is a recent job Clegg media completed for Adshel to use for a Cornetto campaign in bus shelters across Australia. Clegg Media produced 16 lenticulars and 9 lens free panels.

Lenticular Flip

Motion or Animation

Lenticular can be used to show a sequence of images, which can replicate an animation or motion sequence.

3D Effect

This is when as you move from side to side the image areas to have 3d effect. Part of the image may look like it is cloeer you than the background of the image.

To the left is an example of the 3D effect shown inside the Humaneyes Program. Clegg Media uses Humaneyes to create it’s lenticular files and are able to supply clients with a copy so they can create there own lenticulars for Clegg Media to print.

Contact Clegg media today to talk about how lenticular can be used to enhance your advertising.

lenticular-hellboy 3D effect