One Way Vision

One Way Vision and See-through graphics allow you to see out but not in. Ideal for glass offices, large glass buildings, windows and cars. Promote your company on the back window of your car and still be able to see out. Reduce glare and create beautiful office areas.

Clegg Media are proud to announce that they are now Contra Vision®  Licence holders. Clegg Media is also now supplying See-through graphics. 

See-through graphics consists of a pattern of printed lines with gaps in-between to allow through-vision. The lines are formed from multiple print layers which enable many design options.

> Conventional one-way vision (image on black)
> 2-sided designs (a different see-through graphic is visible from either side)
> Inside/outside window application
> Selective blocking (include areas of solid graphics, e.g for barcodes and small text)